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Catch Returns

May 31, 2011

Dear Members
For the benefit of new members and those who did not attend the AGM I am circulating the information distributed at the AGM and the minutes (unadopted) for the meeting held in February. These should have got to you via an email.
Despite the drought and low flows the 2011 season seems to have got off to a good start but we won’t know the full effects until we are able to collate and compare the summary catch return for 2011 at the end of this season with that for 2010 which will arrive with the email mentioned above. I cannot emphasise enough how important our catch returns are. For those of you who are new to the club or those of you who have not seen the full catch return please take some time to look at it. I think that you will find our performance is quite impressive.

So please ensure that you keep a record of what you catch.
There will be a working party this Sunday morning 5th june, usual time and place.
Any comments or queries about anything don’t hesitate to ask.
Tight lines


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