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EA Electrofishing September 2010

February 23, 2011

The Environment Agency carried out a survey in September last year, this was a month earlier than previous years although again produced pleasing results. The section fished was the same as previous years, namely 100 metres downstream of the ornamental weir. This area usually holds good numbers of juvenile fish and comparison of results is meaningful and helpful for the club.

Results: 44 Brown Trout & 24 Grayling

Although lower than last year it’s still a good result and the numbers may have been affected by the deeper water and greater bank side vegetation than normal which allows fish to escape the passes made by the EA staff.

39 of the trout caught were smaller than the stocking size so therefore home grown fish and of those roughly half were year one juveniles. Only 5 of the fish were larger stock or wild fish. All of the Grayling were 5″-7″ so it is evident that there has been recruitment again this year. About 30 trout and all the Grayling were returned at various locations between the bridge and the woods with the rest going back into the survey area.


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